Baby holding back his cute tiny tantrums over his singing lesson

Grandmas feel proud when little kids learn from them. So when they have the opportunity to take care of of their grand kids and teach them toddler’s thingy, they are the happiest humans on earth.

The baby in the video, at 7-months old holding back his tiny tantrums over Grandma teaching him the song “Tatlong Bibe” (Three Ducks) and training him to stand by himself. But the baby refuses and he has his own style of protest. It seems he wants to say, “I’m not in the mood Grammy, ok!”

The original tune is actually Six Little Ducks. Confused? Ah never mind. Blame the translator.

Note: These videos are copyrighted but sharing is appreciated.

Keep that self-control baby till you grow old.

And when baby is not in the mood for singing lesson, he wants to play his own thingy, his way.

He certainly knows how to entertain his Mom and Dad by playing on his saliva. Watch the fun as he drools and his parents are so amuse.




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